Mental health issues are on the rise.
Suicides are on the rise.

Isn't it time that we took mental health education as seriously as physical health education?



We teach compassion through education about mental illnesses to inspire young people to live a fuller life.

What We Do

  • We work to eliminate the unnecessary loss of life due to suicide.
  • We focus on mental health for children, adolescents,emerging adults, families and veterans.
  • Our program uniquely covers identification, prevention and support.
  • We provide both a prevention plan (nutrition, environment, avoidance of food additives and other causes of mental health symptoms and illnesses) and education on brain health.
  • We do not log or keep track of individual’s names. We have no affiliation with any conflict of interest organizations and we are independent focusing on our constituents.


By raising awareness of mental health issues and making mental wellness a health priority in our schools, homes and communities. Our programs are based on the premise that the mental health needs of children, adolescents, and their families and veterans' can be met within their home, school, and community environments.   The MHAGC programs include a significant focus on preventing mental illness and saving lives

Our Services

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Say Yes to Mental Health

Join our Campaign!

No more stigma, no more denial and no more suffering! "Say Yes to Mental Health" is the MHAGC Campaign to end the stigma that deters us from having a life that includes mental well being. We say yes to end the stigma and are moving forward by providing knowledge and the tools to help individuals, adolescents and their families lead mentally healthy lives. We want them to get help if they need it and help others who need it as well!