What We Do

  • Create awareness of current mental health issues
  • Educate the public to preserve and strengthen its mental health
  • Support the mental wellness of our communities by promoting prevention and education
  • Advocate innovation in research, practice and services
  • Reduce the stigma too often attached to mental illness
  • Provide referrals for support to individuals and families living with mental health and substance use problem for access to effective care

Our Services

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Say Yes to Mental Health

Join our Campaign!

No more stigma, no more denial and no more suffering! "Say Yes to Mental Health" is the MHAGC Campaign to end the stigma that deters us from having a life that includes mental well being. We say yes to end the stigma and are moving forward by providing knowledge and the tools to help individuals, adolescents and their families lead mentally healthy lives. We want them to get help if they need it and help others who need it as well!